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Dec 20, 2016
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Fortech Products is proud to announce new OEM Approvals.


Dec 20, 2015
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Fortech is proud to announce its TechKool 3000 Series Machining coolant line.


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    Metal Forming Lubricants
    Fortech Products manufactures a full line of metal forming lubricants.

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    Contract Packaging
    Fortech Products offers a full service R & D lab, blending and filling services from ounces to gallons.

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    Corrosion Resistant Coatings
    Fortech Products, Inc. formulates corrosion resistant coatings for the automotive, RV and allied industries.

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If you are considering using the services of a warehousing company you will no doubt prefer choosing a company where you know your goods will be completely safe. Besides this, finding a warehousing service that is cost effective in every way and has facilities in place like top security systems and fire dousing sprinklers for fire would be no doubt the sensible choice to make. Fortech Products has all this to offer in warehousing to suit your needs and our extensive size warehousing facilities will definitely meet your needs in every way.

Our warehousing staff is a complement of people with years of practical experience in handling any issues related to your warehousing needs and you can use our warehousing facilities for either long term or short term storage just as you prefer. Our warehousing staff is all highly trained in the skills involved for good storage and distribution whenever required, and all our clients receive prompt and efficient services as they would expect from a top class company that we are.

It is because of our dedication towards serving you, the customer, with warehousing services that are impeccable and efficient that we have built up a reputation with dozens of businesses both large and small that choose us first. Additionally, when using Fortech Products warehousing for your goods you will be getting the personal attention you would expect from a dependable firm at affordable prices that are competitive in the market today.

Our warehousing storage and distribution facilities are available for short term and long term storage and we provide an excellent distribution service that is prompt when you need to access or deliver your goods to third parties efficiently. Fortech Products warehousing and distribution services personnel are totally dedicated to our customers for providing excellent service for storage of goods that will allow you peace of mind that everything is done to keep your goods secure safe and well protected 24 hours a day.

Browse our website and see the comprehensive variety of services we have to offer which include warehousing and distribution, and you will see that we provide everything you need as a warehousing and distribution specialist company that will cater for anything you have in mind. We have huge warehousing space available that will suit any size corporation or small business, and if you have goods in transit that can only be shipped according to certain schedules then why not use our warehousing services for peace of mind storage for the interim.

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