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Dec 20, 2016
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Fortech Products is proud to announce new OEM Approvals.


Dec 20, 2015
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Fortech is proud to announce its TechKool 3000 Series Machining coolant line.


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    Metal Forming Lubricants
    Fortech Products manufactures a full line of metal forming lubricants.

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    Contract Packaging
    Fortech Products offers a full service R & D lab, blending and filling services from ounces to gallons.

    Learn about Fortech Contract Packaging.

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    Corrosion Resistant Coatings
    Fortech Products, Inc. formulates corrosion resistant coatings for the automotive, RV and allied industries.

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Contract Blending

contract blending

Fortech Products has experience in formulating, mixing, and blending a variety of products. We have an in-house lab along with state-of-the-art testing and development equipment. We also have Quality Control and Moisture Testing Facilities. Fortech chemists perform analysis and quality control tests for all the products to ensure that they meet all product and customer specifications.

Fortech Products provides custom contract chemical blending services to a wide variety of industries. Working to match your needs, our experienced technical staff can cost effectively blend and package an existing product formula, modify a formula to fit a changing requirement or formulate an entirely new product to match a new application. Each project is handled professionally with total confidentiality, and our strict quality-control procedures generate premier product quality and consistency

  • High-speed lines are capable of filling many different sizes of containers.
  • Containers can be labeled with pressure-sensitive labels, front and back or wraparound.
  • Products are filled by weight and volume.
  • Fill lines have the capability to fill, cap, induction seal, and seal and code cases.
  • Each container can be coded for traceability if needed.
  • Automated fill line is used for smaller packaged products.

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